Fallen Power Lines

It is common understanding that power lines are very dangerous and should be kept safe and properly maintained to prevent accidents or injuries. Those who have been in contact with electricity can attest to the danger that even a small charge can give. There are many complications that can come with being in contact with open or live wires, the worst being fatality. In order to completely protect yourself from electrical lines, you have to understand the difference between transmission lines and distribution lines.

Transmission lines are the ones that carry electricity across states, and are generally held up by metal towers. Because the majority of the voltage ranges between 60 kV and 500 kV, they are managed by the best management of Wire Zone Border Zone. Meanwhile, distribution lines are the ones that deliver to communities and thus have shorter distances between each line as compared to distribution lines. They are also often supported by wooden poles and can be shorter than transmission lines. Likewise they carry a much lower voltage, yet still strong enough to cause serious injuries and even death.

According to the Mokaram Law Firm website, electrocution is not only the problem when power lines fall; road accidents, fires, and many other problems and injuries can occur. This is the reason why the state of California has strict rules regarding the maintenance and upkeep of power lines. Those who have been injured, no matter how minor or serious, has the right to file a personal injury claim against the agency who is in charge of maintaining the power lines. If the fallen power lines is caused by another party, then that party should be held accountable and the power lines should be immediately fixed to avoid further accidents and injuries. Additionally, people should also be aware of the rules regarding maintenance and growth of trees and other vegetation around power lines as they can likewise cause problems if they are not properly kept under control. California has strict laws regarding power lines, therefore any incident that involve them will always be taken seriously.

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