Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

The website of The Law Offices of Williams Kherkher says that accidents can cause a significant amount of consequences to the parties involved. One of these possible consequences is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Essentially, CRPS is a chronic pain condition that typically affects limbs. CRPS can also cause damage to the peripheral and central nervous system.

Men and women are equally as likely to develop the condition. The average age people get CRPS is 40 years old. Children under five years old cannot get CRPS and it is very rare for the elderly or anyone under ten to get it as well.

There are two different categories of CRPS: CRPS-I and CRPS-II. The two categories have the same symptoms and treatments. The only difference is CRPS-II confirms damage to nerves.

The intensity of the condition varies from person to person. In some cases the condition does not affect a person’s day to day life and gradually goes away over time. In other cases, however, severe symptoms continue for the rest of a person’s life.

Skin texture change is a common symptom of CRPS. More specifically, the skin of the affected area becomes shiny and thin. The affected area also develops uncharacteristic sweating patterns. Changes in hair and nail growth speed are a tell tale sign to look out for as well. As far as how CRPS affects someone internally, people with the condition usually have stiffness in the joints within the region of the affected area as well as abnormal posture, jerking, and tremors.

There is currently no specific test that doctors use to diagnose CRPS, but they usually base the diagnosis off of medical history. 90% of the diagnosed cases had clearly experienced trauma. People with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases such as asthma make up the majority of people diagnosed with CRPS.

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