Secure the Workers’ Compensation Benefits to which You are Legally Entitled

Secure the Workers’ Compensation Benefits to which You are Legally Entitled

Since the emergence of functional employment testing firms during the early 1990s, employers who have sought its services have all experienced decreased turnover, increased worker productivity, safer work environment, reductions in lost time, diminished incidence of fraud and abuse, reduction in group health costs, and reduced modifier rates and workers’ compensation premium (some firms have enjoyed cutbacks in workers’ compensation claims that amount to millions of dollars and, for many employers, work-related accidents and injuries are no longer major concerns, allowing them to focus more on production and profit earning).

Functional employment testing companies offer various types of services, including Pre-employment Testing, Pre-employment Post-Offer Testing and Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE), and Post-employment Testing. After sorting through job applicants’ files and zeroing in on just one who is the most qualified, pre-employment testing (which will require applicant to do the duties associated with the job) will show how this chosen candidate will perform under pressure and certain circumstances, even before he/she is actually given the final offer and starts work.

Equally helpful for employers is Post-Employment Testing, as this provides them with insight when determining which task any given employee is fit to perform.

“There are several types of post-employment screening tests, such as agility tests and upper quadrant, carpal tunnel tests. These tests are meant to gauge an employee’s ability to perform physical labor. Getting results for these tests can be beneficial for numerous reasons, including:

  • Better understanding of employees’ physical abilities
  • Knowledge of employees’ productivity levels
  • Ability to ascertain if changes need to be made

Many employers are financially affected by the high cost of workers’ compensation premiums that they need every year. This high cost is due to the frequency of accidents in the workplace, many of which resulting to severe injuries or employee death.

In relation to workplace accidents, the law firm Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC, says, “Despite numerous advances in occupational safety over the past four decades, an estimated 4 million Americans still suffer from workplace injuries every year. These individuals often have to cope with a variety of damages as a result of their injuries, including the high cost of medical care, the loss of income as a result of time spent away from their jobs, and the pain and suffering of their injuries. Fortunately, however, workers’ compensation benefits can help to alleviate some of these consequences.”

With the help of a seasoned and determined workers’ compensation lawyer, you or someone you know, who has suffered a workplace injury, may be able to secure the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are legally entitled.